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Sara Beth Brown (Reno) Sued for Battery by Western Asbestos Trust Employee!! Trust Sued!!

We always knew that (former) Western Asbestos Trust Executive Director  Sara Beth Brown was a liar, a fraud, a perjurer…..and Reno’s biggest thief. She rarely worked, yet stole millions from the Western Asbestos Trust in sham billings and insider dealings.

Prior to her “retirement” in 2019 (she was presumably “fired”), Brown had misappropriated billions (in victim’s funds) to corrupt plaintiff lawyers (Alan Brayton/Steven Kazan) so they’d always ‘look the other way’ when Brown was stealing. And steal she did….

But we are now learning that Sara Beth Brown is also a boss who batters co-workers….in this case – Constance Salerno – Trust Employee…

And as a result – the Western Asbestos Trust has been sued!!

Salerno v. Brown (Case Information-Docket) Washoe County Second Judicial DIstrict (NV)

(and no doubt more victims’ funds misappropriated to pay off the suit..)….

You will see below – the (very) corrupt lawyers at the Trust (Eve Karasik et al…) is already trying to “cover up” and deny Brown’s battery! Typical Karasik….”…(the trust) has conducted an independent investigation (a Karasik lie) of the matter and maintains that the Plaintiffs’ claims against the Trust are without merit…” Typical lies by Eve Karasik – the true criminal. But here, the Trust KNOWS that Judge Sheri Bluebond (Karasik’s close and personal friend) will sign anything…from Karasik. Bluebond (as is well known) is the most biased, corrupt Judge in history.

 Here are the details:

Constance Salerno et al. v. Sara Beth Brown, Western Asbestos Settlement Trust, et
al., Case No. CV 19-01632, Nevada State Court, Second Judicial District, Washoe County. On
August 21, 2019, Constance Salerno and Darren Salerno (“Plaintiffs”) filed a complaint against
Sara Beth Brown and the Western Asbestos Settlement Trust (“the Defendant Trust”) in the Nevada
state district court in Reno. Ms. Salerno is an employee of the Defendant Trust, and Mr. Salerno is
Ms. Salerno’s husband; Ms. Brown is the Defendant Trust’s former executive director and
borrowed employee of the Trust. The complaint alleges that Ms. Brown intentionally battered Ms.
Salerno, and it asserts a claim against the Defendant Trust for the alleged conduct of Ms. Brown as
being foreseeable and actionable. As a result, Ms. Salerno claims to have suffered personal injury
and emotional distress; Mr. Salerno claims to have suffered a loss of consortium. The Defendant
Trust has conducted an independent investigation of the matter and maintains that the Plaintiffs’
claims against the Defendant Trust are without merit.
The Defendant Trust filed a motion to dismiss on October 23, 2019. The motion sought
dismissal of the claim against the Defendant Trust on the ground that this claim is barred as a matter
of law under the Nevada Industrial Insurance Act. Ms. Salerno had previously attempted to pursue
a workers’ compensation action under the Nevada Industrial Insurance Act (“NIIA”) for the alleged
injuries prior to bringing her lawsuit. That action was denied in a final decision by the agency on
August 12, 2019. Ms. Salerno did not appeal the decision denying her claim. Plaintiffs filed an
opposition to the motion to dismiss on November 12, 2019, and the Defendant Trust filed a reply
in support of the motion on December 5, 2019.
Case 2:02-bk-14216-BB Doc 1843 Filed 04/24/20 Entered 04/24/20 10:53:58 Desc
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On January 13, 2020, the court issued an order dismissing the complaint and allowing
Plaintiffs fifteen days to file an amended complaint.
Plaintiffs filed an amended complaint on January 28, 2020. On February 18, 2020, the
parties filed a joint stipulation asking the court stay the case pending an anticipated private
mediation, and the court granted the stipulation on February 20, 2020. The parties have
subsequently agreed upon a mediator and a mediation date, which may be subject to change pending
current events. The Defendant Trust considers this a covered claim by its insurance and has
tendered the Defendant Trust’s policies to its carriers.

For Details on the Trust’s Corrupt Lawyer Eve Karasik – See:

Corrupt Lawyer - Perjurer - Eve KarasikCorrupt Lawyer Eve Karasik – Perjurer


Salerno v. Brown (Case Information-Docket) Washoe County Second Judicial DIstrict (NV)


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