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Mesothelioma Attorney Steven Kazan Has Pulled The Largest Con in Legal History – Far Worse Than Thomas Girardi – Asbestos Litigation

February 3, 2023

Mesothelioma Attorney Steven Kazan Has Pulled The Largest Con in Legal History – Asbestos Litigation (over $1 billion stolen) – Far Worse than Thomas Girardi…

California Attorney Thomas Girardi misappropriated over $15 million from clients and he’s been indicted….But this is nothing compared to California Attorney Steven Kazan (

California Attorney Steven Kazan has engaged in a brazen Asbestos Trust Fund manipulation and accounting fraud scheme over the course of Decades. The largest con in Legal History…Take a guess at how much Steven Kazan has misappropriated from Asbestos Victim Trust funds? $500 million? Way more! Steven Kazan has misappropriated at least $1 Billion from Asbestos Funds! At least.

Kazan makes Thomas Girardi look like a Saint…

The largest Legal Con in United States history — all led by one man – Steven Kazan.

How Did Steven Kazan Pull Off a Billion Dollar Con Job?

You can read about it here – – Kazan Fraud in 4 “Simple” Steps. ‎

As a “Fiduciary” over nearly 30 Asbestos Trusts (which at one time totaled nearly $40 billion), Steven Kazan has a “strict Fiduciary Duty” to act in the best interest of Asbestos Victims – those he (also) purportedly represents through Trust claim filings….

“It is quite clear that Kazan has had very little, if any, auditory supervision, and the Trustees and Fiduciaries who should take steps to investigate Kazan have not taken any steps to stop his theft” said one very Prominent Asbestos Attorney who wished to remain anonymous. “It’s blatant theft by Kazan who surrounds himself by a pack of enablers and those on the take.”

“Kazan has pulled off this gargantuan theft with the help of enablers in government and “cottage industry” of ex-Judges and ex-Asbestos Litigators that facilitate these activities. These issues of corruption permeate multiple lawyers of government, the U.S. Trustee, and Judiciary….all to benefit Kazan.”

Is Steven Kazan’s Conduct Unethical? Criminal?

Unethical? Of course. Disgraceful? Yes – but Kazan doesn’t care. Deplorable criminal conduct? Absolutely, but with enablers in government and in former members of the Bench (who oversaw Kazan Trials), Kazan’s ‘knows’ he can get away with massive theft. These Trust funds are for victims – but Kazan doesn’t care…

Who Are the Enablers, Frauds, “Fake” Fiduciaries and Judges Making Kazan’s Fraud Possible? 

Much has been written about the “Asbestos Mafia” and the “Asbestos Dirty Thirty”. You can read about these individuals here –

Here’s another link -…asbestos-victims/

These are most corrupt, deplorable, Kazan-enabling criminals you can find on this earth…Example include

  1. Gary Wingo, Ankura Consulting LLC – Wingo is the “Office Manager” of Asbestos Trust Fraud. This supposed MIT grad has violated various Department of Justice rules in order to assist Kazan in his fraud.
  2. Laura Paul, 524g Trusts (;;; – Reno’s trailer trash of fraud. Questionable whether this troll graduated high school – definitely not College… yet she has been put in a position to enable the theft of over $1B from just the Western Asbestos, J.T. Thorpe, Inc., Plant Asbestos, and Thorpe Insulation Trusts.
  3. Alan Brayton – Kazan’s partner in crime (at least one of them) – The most disreputable lawyer in Asbestos litigation history.
  4. See – the attached link for a more complete list of Asbestos Trust Fund Fraudsters..…dated-march-2021/

Girardi was Finally Charged – Will Kazan Ever be Charged with Bankruptcy Crimes? Extortion? For Overseeing the Largest Legal Con in U.S. History? 

Given Kazan’s large donations to political figures, including both the President and Vice President, and the California Attorney General – it’s doubtful under the current regime Kazan’s criminal theft and fraud will ever be charged. The Department of Justice already knows about Kazan’s theft….The United States Trustee already knows about Kazan’s theft…The FBI already knows about Kazan’s theft….but as long as Kazan’s “donations” (payoffs) go to the ‘right people’…it’s doubtful Kazan’s criminal bankruptcy Trust Fund Fraud – the largest legal con in U.S. History – will ever cease…

See below for more documents relating to Kazan’s Con of Asbestos Victims and Asbestos Trust Funds

Honeywell v. NARCO Asbestos Trust – Attorney Steven Kazan Using Trust Funds Like a Bottomless ATM

Brayton, Kazan, McClain and Snyder Stealing 47 Million from Trust Victims

Kazan – Fraud before House Judiciary Committee (2002)

Proof – Kazan Reaping Billions from Trusts – Insider Dealing

Complaint Against Kazan’s Expert (Dr. Moline) – Concealing Evidence – Fraud – See Page 30 – Note 24

Filing exemplifying Kazan’s Double Dipping

Article – Detailing Kazan Fraud Need for Transparency in Asbestos Trusts and the Tort System – “Double Dipping” – Referring to Steven Kazan




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