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“The Dirty 30” – 30 Asbestos Bankruptcy Trust Lawyers Engaging in Fraud, Collusion, Breach of Trust, and Misappropriation of Trust Funds – Updated March 2021

“The Dirty 30” 

30 Asbestos Bankruptcy Trust Lawyers Engaging in Fraud, Collusion, Breach of Trust, and Misappropriation of Trust Funds

They are all guilty. Every one of them. Collusion, Breach of Trust, Theft of Trust Funds (Billions), Favoritism and Fraud….and that’s just a start.

Each solely has one goal in mind – Misappropriate $$$$$$$$$  from Asbestos Trust Funds — the 60 Billion Dollars for asbestos victims (which is now about 25 Billion due to these ‘criminals)… And misappropriate they have… least 10 BILLION DOLLARS. At least.

All monies that should have gone to victims has gone in these lawyers (and a few Judges and former Judges) pockets.

Some even paint themselves as ‘victims advocates’ (i.e. Steven Kazan, Alan Brayton…)….but they are far from it – These criminals are “Traitors” to asbestos victims who have stolen hundreds of billions from victims. Every asbestos victim gets less money because of these lawyers. Every single one!

Remember, the Dirty 30 has one goal in mind….to line their pockets with as much money from Asbestos Trust Funds as they can…These are greedy and dishonest lawyers — each who has breached their Fiduciary and Ethical Duties and  have collectively misappropriated and assisted in the misappropriation of at least One Billion Dollars from Asbestos Trust funds.

Clearly, the Justice Department knows the corruption taking place. For the first time in history, they have intervened in a ‘billion dollar’ Trust Fund (Georgia Pacific/Bestwall) – Justice Department Bankruptcy Court Filing – Bestwall – December 28, 2020Justice Department – Statement of Interest – Bestwall Bankruptcy – December 2020

But will the Department actually do anything remains to be seen….

Let’s introduce to you to the “Dirty 30” – 30 Corrupt Asbestos Trust Lawyers (and Judges too!)

  1. Alan Brayton (; @braytonlaw; Brayton Purcell – Novato, California- California Lawyer –
    Kazan's Corrupt Sidekick - Alan Brayton

    Brayton -PPP Loan and Asbestos Fund Thief!

    The undisputed “King of Asbestos Trust Corruption” and Double Dipping. A “sick” man. The most corrupt asbestos trust lawyer in the Country – here’s a number of irrefutable documents detailing Brayton’s fraud (as a note – I have documents for each one on the Dirty 30 list).Brayton, Kazan, McClain and Snyder Stealing 47 Million from Victims -Articles – Brayton Fraudulent Bankruptcy Claims. Tax Fraud – Brayton – Concealing Funds Stolen from Trusts, Actual Check proving Misappropriation – Check from Western Asbestos Trust to Brayton’s Wife Lisa Correnti, Order Detailing Alan Brayton ( Fraud, Exhibit 6 – Judge Hanna Order Detailing Brayton Fictionalized Claims

  2. Steven Kazan (@kazanlaw)
    Steven Kazan - Oakland Asbestos Lawyer Implicated In Justice Department Filing

    Steven Kazan – Oakland Asbestos Lawyer Implicated In Justice Department Filing

    The “Bernie Madoff” of Asbestos Litigation California Lawyer – Brayton’s ‘sidekick’. Akin to Bernie Madoff. Backroom fraud artist. Will leave a legacy of Asbestos Trust Fraud which  put millions of hard working individuals out of work and misappropriated the millions for victims of asbestos disease. Possibly the most corrupt lawyer in the entire Country. Has ‘stolen’ BILLIONS himself from Asbestos Trusts. Creates ‘fake’ Foundations to divert monies to his daughter. Involved in Asbestos Trust Fraud in at least 35 Asbestos Trusts.  Would definitely have the “Hall of Fame of Asbestos Fraud” named after him. Has lied to Congress. Narcissistic and greedy. Here’s some documents on Kazan’s fraud. 2020-01-31 Robert Baird v Armstrong World Industries Asbestos Personal Injury Trust, et al Complaint Cover Sheet Verification BR-34, Kawaichi (Kazan’s former Judge, now Asbestos Trustee) – Kazan – Insider Dealing – Bad Faith – Interested Party- Kawaichi is precluded from Asbestos Trusts, Complaint – Baird v. Kazan – Details Kazan Fraud – This Lawsuit should be in EVERY Trust Annual Report, PPP Loan Information, Filing exemplifying Kazan’s Double Dipping

  3. Mary Ellen Nickel-Delaware Lawyer – Delaware Claims Processing Facility FRAUD. Dumb as a box of rocks!  A Liar to her core. Has Misappropriated hundreds of millions to Kazan and Brayton above through insider dealing and bias. A corrupt and dishonest lawyer (and person). Personally  has stolen millions. Ankura’s Motion to Dismiss – A Pack of Lies – Nickel behind this sham audit
  4. Judge Sheri Bluebond Most Corrupt Judge in California
    The Most Dishonest Judge in the Country - Sheri Bluebond - Biased - Can't Follow the Law

    The Most Dishonest Judge in the Country – Sheri Bluebond – Biased – Can’t Follow the Law

    – California Lawyer/Judge. Disgraceful person. Used sexual harassment (she was receptive!)to get Appointed (Judge Kozinski). She had to ‘stand out’ in some way. Insider Dealer/Fraud/Bribery. Here are some letters written to Judge Bluebond detailing her fraud. Bluebond Letter – Thorpe Trust Record – Jan 2021, Exhibit 2 – Misconduct, Insider Dealing Presiding Judge Sheri Bluebond, Chart – Bluebond – Following the Money – Following the Corruption, Improper Relationship – Karasik and Bluebond.

  5. Stephen Snyder-California Lawyer.
    Stephen Snyder - Fat, Corrupt Lawyer - This Loser "retired" just as the Department of Justice was Investigating

    Stephen Snyder – Corrupt Lawyer

    This fat buffoon retired just as the Department of Justice was moving in. Former defense lawyer (Brobeck) who has colluded with Kazan and Brayton for decades to steal a billion dollars…Brayton, Kazan, McClain and Snyder Stealing 47 Million from Victims – This was victim’s money being stolen to pay for Brobeck’s debts after their bankruptcy and as a payoff to Snyder! A disturbingly ‘disgusting’ lawyer and person who deserves nothing better than a cold cell. Brayton, Kazan, McClain and Snyder Stealing 47 Million from Victims

  6. Gary Fergus Motion Detailing Fergus Insider Dealing California Lawyer. A walking ‘buffoon’. Should be in jail for monies stolen from Western/Thorpe Trusts. Elder abuser. Snyder’s ‘sidekick’ in Fraud. Took advantage of a 90 year old former Judge (who was an Asbestos Trust Fiduciary) to steal tens of millions of dollars. A Liar. A Fraud.
  7. Sara Beth Brown – FIRED. Nevada Lawyer – Dumb. Literally. Hired solely to assist in misappropriating from Western/Plant/Thorpe  Trusts. Works maybe 2 days a month overseeing billions of dollars in Trust fund claims – Reno “Trailer Trash” – Brayton’s hand picked choice to commit fraud.
  8. Jeanine Donohue – Corrupt California Lawyer – “Troll” working with Snyder/Brayton to misappropriate from Western/Plant/Thorpe Trusts. Her  only client is the Trusts and she was solely brought in to aid in the misappropriation of Trust funds. A horrible lawyer.
  9. Molly Spieczny – Dresser/Halliburton Trust Lawyer/Fraudster – Corrupt daughter of a Judge. Misappropriated nearly a million dollars from Trusts though sham audits.
  10. Gregory McHugh – Delaware Lawyer – DII/Halliburton Trust Fraudster – Sidekick of Spieczny.
  11. Kathleen  Campbell Davis-PA Lawyer – Clearly corrupt. Not bright. Has used GM Trust money and others as her personal piggy bank. Sham artist and liar.
  12. Benjamin Smith – California Lawyer/”Doofus” – Morgan Lewis and Bockius moron lawyer working with his old buddies/partners –  Fergus/Snyder – to steal Trust funds. Participated in fraudulent lawsuit.
  13. Marla Eskin – Delaware Lawyer – Former Plaintiff Lawyer who was hired to by Delaware Trusts to Assist in Fraud. Terrible lawyer. Dishonest.
  14. Bethany Recht- Pennsylvania Lawyer – A thief of Trust funds. Attorney for AC&S and APG Trusts engaging in fraud, concealment of job sites and bad faith. Incapable of good faith.
  15. Mike Rooney-MFR Trust – Colludes with Campbell Davis for MLC Trust Fraud. Former defense lawyer who thinks he’s beyond reproach.
  16. Dan Myer-New Jersey Lawyer – Former Defense Lawyer. Run EVERY Verus Trust with fraud/insider dealing/favoritism.
  17. Robert Gerhardt – New Jersey Lawyer – For a Decade has misappropriated Trust Funds to “insiders” – Engages in Favoritism – Has concealed thousands of asbestos job sites to aid his ‘favorite’ plaintiff lawyers (Kazan/Brayton).
  18. Tom Florence – RETIRED A CRIMINAL. Steals Trust Money by conducting “Sham Audits” of select Firms. Colludes with Kazan and all Delaware Fiduciaries. Ankura Consulting is his ‘sham’ organization to conduct audits. JOHN BROPHY TAKES HIS SPOT! Brophy has been riding Florence’s coattails for decades — now it’s his turn to lie and steal!!!
  19. Jason Rubinstein – New York Lawyer — Manville Trust Fraudster.
  20. Jared Garelick – Virginia/Pennsylvania Lawyer – Manville Trust Fraudster – previously investigated by U.S. Trustee for fraud – he must  have lied to them.
  21. Peter D’Apice – Texas Lawyer – A “Liar” engaging in collusion and fraud. Verus Trusts. Bad lawyer who opted to steal from Trusts. Stutzman firm. Works  with Sander Esserman to ‘infect’ dozens of Trusts.
  22. Michael Ahrens -Shephard Mullin Fraudster –  Brayton’s handpicked lawyer to oversee his fraud. Old crappy lawyer who needed a ‘golden parachute’ so he teamed with Brayton – California Lawyer – Fat Fraudster/Colludes with Alan Brayton to Misappropriate from Western/Thorpe/Plant Trusts. Bartered wine (from Brayton for his daughter’s wedding) for  his fraud. Has misappropriated tens of millions of asbestos trusts.
  23. Kim Lavin – Delaware/New Jersey Lawyer – Verus Trust Fraudster –  infects a LOT of Trusts.
  24. Peter Kraus – Texas Lawyer (did he ever pass the California Bar?) – A Traitor to asbestos victims
  25. Gilbert Purcell – California Lawyer – Brayton’s “Partner” – Backroom schemer. A VERY shady character. Lies to judges and juries to aid in Brayton fraud. A ‘schemer’. You can often find him in Vegas strip clubs!
  26. Laura Paul (not a Lawyer)  – It would be compliment to call her “Trailer Trash” – The Country’s most disgraceful Trust employee.  Western/Thorpe Trust ‘pigeon’ – liar who has spent a decade assisting Brayton/Snyder/Kazan is misappropriation. Incredibly unqualified to work at Trusts (maybe McDonalds) yet was hired solely to aid in fraud. Dumb as a box of rocks. Probably dumber. Trust thief. Not surprising why Paul had 4 kids w/4 different dads by the age of 35. Reno’s ‘poster child’ of fraud. Laura Paul – Picture
  27. Barbara Malm (not a Lawyer) – Accountant for Western/Thorpe Trusts – Uses Trust funds to pay for Brayton’s wedding/catering trips. Has paid out hundreds of millions which she KNOWS is fraud.
  28. Beverly Weiss Manne – Insider Dealer –  Washington DC Lawyer – Corrupt – Misappropriated at least $100,000 from DII Trust
  29. Melissa Metzfield – CRMC Trusts – Misappropriated millions from Manville Trust fund! Engages in collusion with Garelick/Rubinstein. A ‘liar’ to her core so that she can assist in fraud. A sham artist on the C.E. Thurston Trust as well.
  30. Every Lawyer from Stutzman, Bromberg, Esserman & Plifka – Texas – A Law Firm that has left of legacy of Theft and Misappropriation from  AsbestosTrusts. Sander Esserman. Peter D’Abice. Steve Felsenthal. ALL CORRUPT LAWYERS.
  31. Marcellene Malouf/Janet Jardin – DII Trust Fraudsters – Sham artists/frauds misappropriating millions and engaging in collusion

So there they are…”The Dirty 30+”. To act with such unabashed fraud – there is seriously something wrong with these individuals. Really wrong. Greed? Partly. Bad Lawyers who see a Chance to Steal Millions? Partly. Corrupt? Collectively.

What each of these lawyers has done is analogous to misappropriating to the Nazi’s from Holocaust Victims’ funds… really is sick….

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