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Gilbert Purcell of Brayton Purcell had to the most overrated attorney is asbestos litigation. “Purcell has no ability to relate to jurors,”  said one anonymous veteran asbestos lawyer.  Why anyone would think Purcell is a decent lawyer (and human) or hire Brayton Purcell is quite shocking….


Gilbert Purcell (Brayton Purcell) – Shifty, Overrated, Dishonest Attorney

Below is both the Verdict and Jury Forms on a March 14, 2024 – Trial Loss For Gilbert Purcell (Brayton Purcell) in Lisa Castillo, et al. v. John Crane Inc. (CGC-16-276540)

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Asbestos Trust Corruption “Hall of Fame” – 50 Disgraceful Individuals Engaged in Corruption

The list below contains some of the worst, most corrupt, dishonest, bribable, and disgraceful individuals in America. Bottom-feeders. Collectively, these “bottom-feeders” have misappropriated at least $5 Billion dollars from Asbestos Disease Victims – the Victims they are all paid handsomely to protect. $5 Billion!!!

Do these “Dirty 50” care? Probably not. These are “soulless” individuals. Disgracefully acting with impunity and knowingly committing fraud — but they just don’t care. If you know any of these individuals below – be warned. Most are pathological liars. Each has knowingly stolen asbestos monies (or enabled the same).

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Have you seen the new Forbes Article – Cleaning up the Asbestos Litigation Mess: A Role for the Department of Justice? …..

This is too good to be true! As these corrupt Asbestos Trust Fiduciaries have fraudulently attempted to harm me personally, let’s give the Department of Justice a “Top 10 List of Asbestos Lawyers for the Department of Justice to Investigate”….

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