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Bernie Madoff/Steven Kazan — Steven Kazan/Bernie Madoff.

The comparisons are undeniable. Both misappropriated billions of dollars. Both enriched friends/family at the expense of victims. Both held themselves out “pioneers” while committing vast fraud. Both will leave a legacy of fraud and bad faith impacting tens of  thousands of victims solely to enrich themselves. Unfortunately, only one of them is in jail. Madoff. The other (Kazan) continues to misappropriate funds from asbestos claimant. The difference? In every Asbestos Trust Kazan inserts a “License to Commit Fraud” thus allowing him to continue his wrath of dishonesty (i.e. …“No Asbestos Claimants’ Representative are to have or incur any liability to any Entity for any act or omissions arising out of the Chapter 11 cases or during the entirety of the Chapter 11 cases). 2 Criminals (although only one has been convicted – Madoff) – 2 “Losers” – 2 of the biggest fund frauds in history – 2 very bad individuals.

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PLANT INSULATION SETTLEMENT TRUST – Fraud, Bad Faith and the Concealment of Asbestos Job Sites by Trust Fiduciaries

NOTE – If you are an attorney filing claims with the Plant Asbestos Settlement Trust – You are being scammed by the Plant Asbestos Settlement Trust (

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(West Law Definition of “Fiduciary” below and “links” to many Alan Brayton (Brayton Purcell) fraud documents below)

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It’s rare you ‘find’ a lawyer who lies, operates openly with conflicts of interest, misappropriates funds from Trusts to meet his ‘billing requirements’ and engages in racketeering and fraud to harm the beneficiaries he is paid to protect…Let me introduce you to the face of fraud –  Peter D’Apice from Law Firm of Stutzman Bromberg Esserman Plifka.

If you are one of the thousands of victims of asbestos disease who is not being compensated by Asbestos Trusts – this “enabler” of corruption is why….

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At the Asbestos Legal Center, we are really proud about the fact that we represent so many veterans, and their families, who have given so much in the service of our great country. Today, we just wanted to take a moment, to express our appreciation as we approach the 4th of July, and provide some information to make it easier for everyone to get out and enjoy the fireworks. Listed below is the firework celebration information for locations near some of the military stations located in California. We hope it is helpful.

In Coronado, the 4th of July celebration begins with a 15K run/walk that starts a 9:00am a North Beach. At 10:00am, a two hour parade will occur at Orange Ave, starting at First Street and ending at Churchill Place. The Fireworks celebration begins a 9:00pm, and will be displayed over Glorietta Bay.

The Fireworks display over San Diego Bay also starts at 9:00pm. The fireworks will be fired from barges located all over the Bay, including Harbor Island, Bay off Shelter Island, Chula Vista, and North Embarcadero.

At Camp Pendleton, the fun for service members and their families will being at 10:00am at Del Mar beach. There will be live bands, food, and kids activities. The fireworks begin at 9:00pm. Military ID is required for admittance.

The Party at Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier in Long Beach starts at 10:00a.m., and runs until 10:00pm. Local bands will provide the crowds with entertainment starting at noon. The event has a ticket price of $20 for adults and $10 for kids, however this includes a BBQ meal and beverage. Fireworks start at 9:00pm.

In Los Angeles, one of the biggest 4th of July Celebrations will be occurring at the Rose Bowl. The parking lot opens at 10:00am, the food stands will start serving at 2:00pm, and the stadium opens at 6:30pm. The fireworks show begins at 9:05pm.
Ticket prices are $13, though active military with ID and kids under 7 are free. Parking at the event costs $20.

The San Jose 4th of July Fireworks Celebration will be occurring at Kelly Park, courtesy of the minor league baseball team, the San Jose Giants. The fireworks start immediately after the game, at approximately 9:30pm.

In Alameda County, the County Fair is occurring from July 1st through July 19th.
The Fireworks display is occurring on July 6th.

There are no Fireworks in Oakland this year, but there is still is plenty of fun occurring throughout the day at Jack London Square. There will also be fireworks on July 3, after the Oakland A’s game at the Coliseum, at approximately 10:00pm. Tickets to the game are $15.



Finally, in San Francisco, fireworks are set to be fired of are barges located in the proximity of Pier 39 at 9:30pm. The waterfront from Aquatic Park, Ghiradelli Square, and along Fisherman’s wharf are some of the best locations to enjoy the show.

The Asbestos Legal Center is so proud of our clients who served in the military defending our country, and who now are courageously battling against mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis, would like to wish them and their loved ones a safe and enjoyable 4th of July.
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On June 14, 2012, at the age of 63, entertainer Donna Summers lost her life to lung cancer. It is has been widely reported that prior to her death, Donna Summers believed that the cancer that eventually took her life was caused by her exposure to asbestos and other toxins contained in the dust generated from the World Trade Center terrorist attack of 9/11. Donna Summers was a resident of New York City in September of 2001, when the World Trade Towers fell, scattering debris and asbestos containing dust plumes throughout ground zero and the rest of the City. Analysis of the dust clouds revealed they contained the following materials: gypsum, cement, calcium carbonate, asbestos, lead, glass fibers and other metal particles.

Asbestos is a mineral fiber that due to it’s cost, light weight, and heart resistant properties, was integrated into many construction materials and insulation products throughout the great majority of the 20th century. The use of the asbestos occurred despite the asbestos industry’s knowledge that the substance was harmful to human health; causing asbestosis, lung cancer, and malignant pleural mesothelioma – an incurable cancer of the lining of the lungs that has only one known cause, asbestos exposure. There are thousands of asbestos caused lung cancers that are diagnosed in patients every year in the United States. Many of these patients seek compensation for their health bills and for the benefit of their families in the U.S. Court system, and from bankruptcy trusts were hundreds of millions of dollars have been set aside to compensate asbestos victims. Attorney Michael Mandelbrot, founder of the Asbestos Legal Center in San Francisco, doesn’t see this trend ending soon. “The sad reality is that asbestos is contained in the structures all around us, because the asbestos industry chose to either suppress or ignore information that the use of asbestos posed a danger to the public. As these structures degrade, more and more of the population will be exposed to the fiber, leading to more deaths. It is my firm’s commitment to fight for justice of behalf of those suffering from asbestos caused diseases.”

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This week the entertainment world is buzzing about the release of the new comic book movie, the Avengers, featuring a group of heroes from the Marvel Comic books universe working together to overcome long odds to save the world from an inter-dimensional evil genius and his extra-planetary army. Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye; it’s a media reboot of the comic book characters that first began to appear in the 1940’s and continued to be promulgated with great popularity into the 1960’s and 1970’s. But there are three characters from the annals of the Avengers universe who won’t be making appearances in the film, but whose significance in the comic books go far beyond the fictional story line; do you remember Asbestos Lady, Asbestos Man, and the Human Torch?
First appearing in Captain America comic in 1947, Asbestos Lady was the super villain alter ego of Virginia Murdoch. Ms. Murdoch wore an asbestos suit that could withstand the heat of fire, allowing her to create large explosions near banks that only she could venture near safely, allowing her of course to rob the bank with little resistance. The hero, Human Torch, eventually captured Asbestos Lady by melting an asphalt road that stuck to her feat, making it impossible for her to run away.

Asbestos Man first appeared as a evil super villain in the Human Torch comic book series in 1963. He was the alter ego of analytical chemist Professor Orson Kasloff.
Kasloff created his asbestos suit specifically to battle the Human Asbestoman.jpgTorch, hoping to gain notoriety and respect from the criminal underworld. His arsenal of weapons included and net he would throw at the Human Torch, that would covert heat to explosive charges. His criminal master plot was very similar to Asbestos Lady: he robbed banks after creating infernos surrounding them. In their first encounter Asbestos Man actually defeated the Human Torch, but he was eventually captured when The Human Torch created a fire so large, that all of the oxygen in a bank disappeared, making it impossible for Asbestos Man to breathe.

Asbestos Lady and Asbestos Man capture an age when people were unaware of the significant dangers associated with asbestos exposure, and children would believe the a person of high intelligence would wear asbestos fibers. An age when asbestos was used as stuffing to fill baseball gloves and football helmets. The comics are a lasting reminder of the significant cover-up perpetrated by the asbestos industry, regarding the danger associated with asbestos exposure.

By the time Asbestos Lady first appeared in Marvel Comic books, in 1947, the relationship between asbestos exposure and disease was well documented. In 1932 the U.S. Bureau of Mines and Occupational Health Clinic was ready to release the results of a study revealing that 29% of asbestos industry giant Johns-Manville employees who had been exposed to asbestos had developed asbestosis that was detectable by x-ray. However, upon learning of the report, Johns-Manville used it considerable political power to stop it from being released to the public. This occurred despite the fact the epidemiological papers had been published for over 30 years documenting a relationship between asbestos exposure and disease.
One year before Asbestos Man made his appearance in the Marvel Universe, in 1966, the director of Bendix Corporation, an asbestos product manufacturing company, wrote a memo to Johns-Manville Company stating, “…if you have enjoyed a good life while working with asbestos products why not die from it.”

Tragically, the asbestos industry cover-up and conspiracy to characterize asbestos as safe, that was so effective in popular culture that it claimed the lives of millions of people who died from asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma, who had unknowingly exposed themselves and their families to the dangerous mineral fiber, asbestos.

The revelation of the danger of asbestos in the Marvel Universe is reflected in the final appearance of Asbestos Lady in the Human Torch comic book series, wherein it was revealed she had developed cancer as a result from exposure to the asbestos contained in her suit. The story line occurred in 1990. Asbestos Man’s fate Continue reading

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244234_asbestos.jpgEvery weekend in San Diego County, California, throngs of United States residents travel south across the border to Mexico, looking for bargains in Tijuana shopping malls. As the weekend ends, the line of cars coming back into the United States extends for miles. In 2005, 50 million people, and 17 million vehicles, traveled from Mexico, across the U.S. Border, into San Ysidro, California. There, U.S. Customs agents are tasked with trying to organize the mass exodus while at the same time protecting America from illicit drugs, human trafficking and terror threats. But recent reports from Mexico highlight a growing concern among public health and consumer safety advocates, that there is one menace that U.S. Customs agents are ill equipped to control. Consumers may be returning home to United States with products purchased in Mexico, that unbeknownst to them, contain a destructive poison indistinguishable to the naked eye, asbestos.

Asbestos is naturally occurring rock fiber that was widely used in the manufacturing of various construction products in the United States until the 1980’s, due to it’s heat repelling and fusing properties. Presently, over 1,800 Mexican businesses incorporate asbestos fibers as a component in their manufacturing processes. In the decade preceding 2010, over 200,000 metric tons of asbestos were consumed by Mexican Manufacturing Industry.



Some consumers mistakenly believe that asbestos is only used in insulation, or as part of heavy construction products. 1321761_cactus.jpg However, in the past non-profit organizations have found asbestos contaminating common consumer products such as children fingerprint dusting kits, in talcum powders, toy clays kits, hair rollers, hot plates, hair dryers and decorative floor tiles. Moreover, asbestos contaminated vermiculite, sometimes used as a packing material for products, is also a public health concern.

In Mexico, asbestos is used to the manufacture asbestos cement pipes, care brakes, cement, roofing and drywall materials.

“Asbestos use is a public health threat to United States consumers traveling abroad to Mexico, but equally important, it is a threat to the citizens of Mexico. It is a travesty that the industrial use of asbestos has not been curtailed in Mexico.”, commented Asbestos Legal Center founder, Michael Mandelbrot, from his office in San Francisco.

When asbestos fibers are inhaled by humans, the microscopic fibers sometimes become lodged in the pleura of the lungs. Thereafter the body owns immune system is activated, trying to destroy the foreign asbestos body. Over time scarring develops at the site where the fiber is lodged. When that scarring becomes chronic, and grows in size, it can result in an obstructive pulmonary disease called asbestosis. Asbestosis patients labor to breathe as a result of the disease, and in sever advanced stages, cannot survive without the use of oxygen supplementation.

Other lung diseases that can develop from exposure to asbestos include lung cancer, and malignant pleural mesothelioma. Malignant pleural mesothelioma is an incurable disease that in most cases has an average life span of nine to twelve months. Individuals in California diagnosed with any asbestos related disease have the right to seek compensation for their injuries in the Court system
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