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April 13, 2018

Below is a Notice provided to Fiduciaries of the Bestwall LLC Trust regarding Sander L. Esserman, attorney at  Stutzman, Bromberg, Esserman & Plifka. Simply put, Sander L. Esserman colludes with ‘select’ Plaintiff Counsel (Steven Kazan, Alan Brayton) to harm Asbestos Victims and Misappropriate Asbestos Trust Funds. Esserman and his Law Firm have engaged in ‘sham’ audits, bad faith, collusion and fraud for at least a decade. Who loses? Beneficiaries of Trust where he misappropriates funds….

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How Steven Kazan and Alan Brayton Misappropriated Billions from Asbestos Trust Funds in 4 Simple Steps

The “Methods” of Corruption of 2 California Asbestos Lawyers

Every present and future victim of asbestos diseases will receive less money because of 2 very corrupt lawyers – Steven Kazan and Alan Brayton.

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“The Dirty 30” – 30 Asbestos Bankruptcy Trust Lawyers Engaging in Fraud, Collusion, Breach of Trust, and Misappropriation of Trust Funds

They are all guilty. Every one of them. Collusion, Breach of Trust, Favoritism and Fraud. Each solely has one goal in mind – Misappropriate as much as they can from Asbestos Trust Funds — the 30 Billion Dollars for asbestos victims. And misappropriate they have… least a BILLION DOLLARS. All monies that should have gone to victims has gone in these lawyers (and one Judges) pocket. Some even paint themselves as ‘victims advocates’ (i.e. Steven Kazan, Alan Brayton…)….but they are far from it – “Traitors” to the core who have stolen hundreds of millions from victims. Every asbestos victims gets less money because of these lawyers. Every one. All with one goal in mind….to line their pockets with as much money from Asbestos Trust Funds as they can…These are greedy and dishonest lawyers — each who has breached their Fiduciary and Ethical Duties and  have collectively misappropriated and assisted in the misappropriation of at least One Billion Dollars from Asbestos Trust funds.

Let’s introduce to you to the “Dirty 30” – 30 Corrupt Asbestos Trust Lawyers (and one Judge!)

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February 8, 2018 Image result for judge sheri bluebondJudge Sheri  Bluebond – Dishonest,  Corrupt, Never Impartial….

Judge Sheri Bluebond – Enters Another Corrupt ‘Order’ to Assist her Friends and Misappropriate Thorpe Trust Monies – APPEAL PENDING (Bluebond’s already been overturned on Appeal twice in this case – let’s go for 3)

We all knew it was coming. Anything to assist her buddies. Predictable to the core.  Anything – including fraud to help her buddies. “Her” buddies were instrumental in getting her in office –