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UPDATE – 12/16/2016 – Jennifer Morales continues to engage in extensive fraud and bad faith. While she may tout herself as a “Partner” and an “Established Lawyer”, she is someone who has ‘earned her stripes’ by enabling fraud and harming the victims of asbestos diseases by misappropriating monies (her extensive billings, favoring lawyers), lying to Trustees and through bad faith. And for those who know this individual personally (whether family, friends – if she has any, school mates, Country Club buddies or otherwise), Morales is a bad lawyer, a fraud and if you really knew the misconduct she engaged in, you’d think so too…. And for my hundreds of clients/claimants who want more details on the specific fraud engaged in by Morales and how it’s harmed you, please contact me at anytime.
For those local to Morales, please note her strong ties as well other corrupt local lawyers Karen Campbell Levine and (especially – the biggest liar) Marla Eskin.

On 8/18/15, Jennifer Morales requested this post be taken down. I believe her words were “…needless to say, the post should be taken down…”

RESPONSE- 8/19/15 – “Needless to say” the damage caused by Ms. Morales in her position as “lawyer” of asbestos bankruptcy trust to my clients, my office, and victims of asbestos diseases far exceeds any “inflammation” by the accurate post below. Morales, although having no authority to do so, has “suspended” and prohibited thousands of claims with Trusts she oversees and in the process harming hundreds of asbestos victims rights. Morales has then attempted to ‘justify’ her unethical conduct by citing inapplicable rules and codes. If there is anything in the post below that she finds inaccurate, I will gladly remove it. Simply put – she has been running these Trusts through Tyranny.

“Don’t become a lawyer – they are all corrupt.”

We all heard it prior to entering law school. I thought they were wrong. I’ve now learned in my 24 years as an attorney – at least in asbestos bankruptcy trust litigation – they were right.

The list of Corrupt Asbestos Bankruptcy Trust Attorneys and Fiduciaries is extensive. In my experience – these are the “worst of the worst” – individuals who can’t follow simple rules, engage in collusion, bad faith dealings and misconduct. Collectively, a group of liars and perjurers, not just to lawyers and victims of asbestos diseases – but often the Court.

Each Attorney or Fiduciary on this list is extremely well compensated almost solely from Trust funds set aside for victims of asbestos diseases. And each has utilized bad faith dealings, collusion, and adverse relationships to harm the asbestos victims and misappropriate funds (through bad faith billing) from the beneficiaries they are paid to protect.

With $30,000,000,000 in Trust funds for victims from all over the United States – isn’t this a matter of public interest? How could someone not notice? They will. It’s just a matter of time CORRUPT LAWYER IN THIS POSTING –
1. Jennifer Morales ( - Corrupt Lawyer.jpeg
Notable Career Accomplishments: Very little. – From her own firm bio – It does appear as if she won an award at the YMCA one time.

Trusts Morales “oversees” through Fraud:
1. Celotex Trust 2. Raytech Trust 3. Armstrong Trusts 4. Many Others – Delaware Trusts 5. A.P. Green Notable Corruption and Fraud by Morales:
1. A liar and perjurer to Mandelbrot, claimants, claimant’s attorneys and the Court (by failing in her oath to act as a Fiduciary)
2. Suspends victims claims (represented by Mandelbrot) arbitrarily while paying fraudulent claims to corrupt lawyers (bias)
3. Acts unauthorized as if the Trusts were funded for her (misappropriation of funds through fraudulent billing). See Court Transcript depicting unauthorized conduct:Manville Transcript – 7-16-2015 – key portions highlighted.pdf
4. Harasses lawyers (Mandelbrot) in order to use Trusts as her personal piggy bank and justify her unethical acts 5. Misrepresents facts related to Mandelbrot to justify her corrupt actions, including defaming Mandelbrot related to claim filing.
6. Attempted extortion to harm claimants attorneys (after improperly suspending claims, sought $150,000 from me just so she could perform an audit – when I refused, more unauthorized conduct followed
Other Notes:
1. Works closely with corrupt Trust lawyer Marla Eskin ( to carry out corruption. Eskin is just as bad, if not worse than Morales.
2. Rude-repugnant generally – Seems to think she is an ‘elitist’ with no respect for lawyers and victms 3. Can’t follow simple rules in Trust Distribution Procedures (by suspending Mandelbrot claims) which she’s paid to follow 4. An embarrassment to all female lawyers by utilizing her position to commit fraud. Morales seemingly ‘broke the glass ceiling’ with her status as a “partner” at Law Firm. However, her utilization of this role to carry out unethical conduct and enable ongoing corruption is embarrassing. And not doubt the Trustees of the Trusts she oversees found a perfect enabler in Ms. Morales.

Recent Lies by Morales – (from her own letter dated August 18, 2015)
We take this opportunity to remind you that it was Mandelbrot who prevented the Trusts from conducting a full audit of the claims he previously submitted (and then withdrew) by refusing to indemnify the Trusts for the costs of the audit. As has been repeatedly explained to Mandelbrot and his various counsel, including your law firm, the Trusts’ beneficiaries should not have to bear the costs of an audit brought about by Mandelbrot’s own actions.
The Truth:
Mandelbrot has always been willing to undergo an audit. Morales tried to extort $150,000 from Mandelbrot prior to the audit.Mandelbrot refused to pay. Mandelbrot has never ‘prevented’ an audit and has always welcomed audits. This exemplifies another Morales lie (to Trustees, lawyers and the Court).

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July 14, 2015

Manville – Response to Reply.pdf
Final Objection – Manville.pdf

On July 13, 2014, the Mandelbrot Law Firm filed an Objection Reply to the Trustees Accounting which displays extensive fraud and favoritism at the Manville Trust — and potentially criminal conduct as well.

“The Trustees, Fiduciaries (Steven Kazan), and the General Counsel Jared Garelick have concealed Manville Trust fraud for years and are using me as their scapegoat. The concealment of fraud under Chapter 11 rules sure seems like Trustee criminal conduct to me, ” said Mandelbrot. Exhibit D – Dept. of Justice Trustee Handbook – select portions.pdf
“Alan Brayton ( filed claims with the Manville Trust which were described as fictional and fraud and the Trustees and Counsel Garelick conceal the information. My office, which has provided information which led to the arrest and felony conviction of an individual (John Lynch) filing false Manville claims, is the most reliable in the Country, has never filed an unreliable claims and we are suspended from filing claims? Clearly there is collusion, bad faith, favoritism and fraud taking place.” said Mandelbrot.
A Hearing is set for July 16, 2015 – at 10:00 A.M- United States Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of New York, Alexander Hamilton Custom House, One Bowling Green, New York, New York 10004-1408 before Cecelia G. Morris, United States Bankruptcy Judge.
Mandelbrot concluded, “I sure hope Judge Morris can ‘see through’ the Trustee and Garelick’s lies to the Court and puts a stop to the bad faith that has been taking place at this Trust for nearly a decade.”

For more information about the Mandelbrot Law Firm – please call (415) 895-5175 or contact

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Despite Conviction – Trustee Collusion, Bad Faith and Misconduct Continues to Harm Trust Beneficiaries
John Lynch IV- former employee of the Western Asbestos, J.T. Thorpe, Inc., and Thorpe Insulation Trusts pled Guilty this week to Felony Grand Theft and will face a sentence of up to 3 Years in State Prison in California for the ‘successful’ filing of a false Manville Asbestos Trust Claim (Sonoma County Case #SCR662265).

This “false” claim was solely discovered and reported to authorities by Plaintiff’s asbestos attorney Michael Mandelbrot, Esq. (California) and the Mandelbrot Law Firm while investigating and auditing Lynch improprieties at the Mandelbrot office (for which Lynch was also criminally charged in Marin County). Sentencing is scheduled for June 1, 2015 for the false Manville Trust claim. This is the first time in the United States an individual has faced criminal prosecution for a fraudulent asbestos bankruptcy trust claim.
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Lung Cancer Awareness Month!

November is the month to raise lung cancer awareness to all! Although we may not all know someone with lung cancer, it is a disease that is affecting many today, and the more we know about it, the more support we can be for those who need it.

The Lung Cancer movement began in 1995; people began to raise awareness because the disease was becoming more well-known and more prominent. More people die from lung cancer in the United States than any other cancer, and this is true for both men and women. Here are what some recent statistics state:

In 2008:

* 208,493 people in the United States were diagnosed with lung cancer, including 111,886 men and 96,607 women.

*158,592 people in the United States died from lung cancer, including 88,541 men and 70,051 women.

Are you concerned about lung cancer?

There are several main risk factors that contribute to lung cancer, or increase your risk.
Those main contributing factors are:
*Smoking tobacco *Radon exposure *Asbestos exposure *Regular exposure to second-hand smoke *Military Service (Agent Orange exposure)
*Age *Environmental exposure/ Industrial chemicals *Health related issues *Family history
Exposure to Asbestos can increase the likelihood of contracting lung disease. The Mandelbrot Law Firm/Asbestos Legal Center can help to bring some compensation to you or your loved ones. Common jobs/places one may contract asbestos are: shipyards, Military, Navy, insulators, carpenters, sheet metal workers, etc.

If you or someone you know feels you may have lung cancer, specifically from expose to asbestos, contact the Mandelbrot Law Firm/Asbestos Legal Center and we may be able to help you.

There are many different ways you can help to raise awareness or to contribute to lung cancer research. You can donate money, and/or participate in the many events that are taking place this month. There are many Lung Cancer Awareness support groups and services available as well.